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Deciding Whether to Go to Law School

         Scott Turow, One L.--A must-read for the prospective law student. (Professors tend to be kinder these days but the work load is the same.)

         Karl Lewellyn, The Bramble Bush. Another must-read.

         The Paper Chase. A 1973 movie about life as a first-year law student. The Dark Knight it ain't, but if you want to know what law school is like, you should watch it.

         Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., The Common Law. Also available for free at Project Gutenberg. If you decide to take the law school plunge and gain acceptance, you should read this book the summer before you matriculate.

         Edward H. Levi, An Introduction to Legal Reasoning. Another book to read the summer before you begin law school.

         Benjamin N. Cardozo, The Nature of the Judicial Process. Another book to read the summer before you begin law school, but not as necessary as Holmes and Levi.

         Atticus Falcon, Planet Law School: What You Need to Know (Before You Go)...but Didn't Know to Ask. Some like this book . . . others hate it. It may answer some of your remaining questions about what law school is like.


Law School Rankings (or Deciding Where to Go to Law School)

         U.S. News & World Report Law School Rankings--An unofficial standard. Controversial and disputed, but still extremely influential.

         ABA list of approved schools--We do not recommend attendance at a non-ABA accredited law school. If a school isn't on this list, then it shouldn't be on yours.

The LSAT and LSAT Preparation (How to Get Into Law School)

         Law School Admissions Council Start here when getting ready to apply for the LSAT.

The following are commercial prep courses:


         Princeton Review



         Binary Solution

         Blueprint Test Preparation

         LSAT Discussion


Law School Admission Results

Financial Ai d (How to Pay for Law School)

         FAFSA Free Application for Student Aid

         Finaid The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid

         Sallie Mae


Preparing for Law School

         Law Preview (law school prep)

         BarBri-NILE (law school prep)

         Council on Legal Education Opportunity

         Law School Discussion


         LLM GUIDE

Legal Information Websites

         Hieros Gamos (legal research site)

         American Bar Association

         Internet Legal Research Group